Q - How much will it cost to tint my car?

We price each job individually depending on the quantity of windows, the shape and size of window and the type of window film required.

Q - How can tinting my car improve security?

By tinting your car with one of our specialty films it makes it harder for a thief to see your vehicles contents. The film also makes it more difficult to break a window from the outside.

Q - Does tinting my car really have safety benefits?

Yes, tinting your car reduces glare from the sun and can prevent accidents. If you are unfortunate to be involved in an accident the film will hold and shattered glass together, this also makes it easier to push out windows from the inside.

Q - Can I open my windows straight after having the film fitted?

We recomend leaving your windows up for the first day to allow the film time to cure.

Q - Is it possible to tint the windscreen?

It is ilegal to drive on public roads with a tinted windscreen, we can however fit a strip at the top known as a sunscreen. We can tint boat windscreens and windscreens on show cars that will not be driven on public roads.